Kennet Moore – Calgary’s predatory trainer

This guy is a real piece of work. Loves working at a big gym in Calgary so he can creep on and victimize clients and co-workers. Brags about doing coke and chasing women behind his girlfriend’s back, even though she is way better than he deserves. He started a women’s only bootcamp and started pursuing them one after another, sending pics and making sexual comments at all hours of the day and night. Broke up a couple of marriages and passed diseases on to all the women and his girlfriend. People called him on his behaviour and he just said the “women were crazy” and continues to strut around the gym like he owns the place. The managers know what happened but it looks like the women are all too ashamed to come forward, so it looks like he’s there to stay. Watch out for this “fitness / lifestyle expert.” He’s a sociopathic smooth talker that will ruin your life. Be warned!

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  1. Ya this fuckin loser works at Goodlife on Macleod at Canyon Meadows WHERE HE’S A MANAGER. I’m a single dude so don’t really care but I would keep your gf’s away – Pepsi, DRDs and no shame. Guess it dont matter to them as long as the memberships are rolling in.

  2. The women involved were out to get their claws in and knew exactly what they were doing. Dani Burgener and Nicole Hendricks both married and throwing themselves at him every chance they had. Everyone that saw it happening knew it and thought it was pretty shitty when they then tried to blame him. One girl is embarrassed and won’t come back to the gym the other still comes in all time trying to get his attention.

  3. Hes not attractive so dont know why anyone would care about him, also who the fuck owns this site? This site is so fucken sketchy I cant even find the owner all I know is the domain is by godaddy other then that you cant get in to contact with anyone. Im on here too its a buncha fake shit by bitter losers lmao

  4. Their not the only women either. No offence but his girlfriend must be stupid or doesn’t care. I’ve seen it with my own eyes and been there too

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