Kyllie King Aka Clarie Edwards

I think everybody should know just how dirty a girl Claire Edwards aka Kyllie King is. trying to play it off like she is the baddest b in Toronto, willing to do anything for a buck. You can’t hide from your past and not expect some blowback. She will do anything for the money, offering the best service, with a beautiful smile. This girl is a lifer and willing to do anything for your enjoyment and money. She’s the really deal hot and real dirty if you give her the $$$. Pimping other girls out, big time closet white nationalist along with her other hoes, trying to fake they aren’t. Dirty, dirty but worth the fun for the cheap. Other girls will read this and know how true this is!!!

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  1. All true, she is definitely a white nationalist, psychopath, and narcissist. Anybody that knows her will agree. Watch out for this one

  2. Omg all soooo true!!! I was her friend for a bit before I found out who she really is – she tells people she’s a “project manager” for a construction company …..

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