Nadiya Chambers – Dallas, Texas

Nadiya Chambers was already along with her pregnancy before she married her SECOND husband. Out of wedlock, and still unofficially divorced from her first husband, they waited a month after the divorce was final to post photos of a fake wedding in Hawaii where its clear shes hiding a baby bump. She acts as a “religious” JEHOVAH WITNESS yet refuses to stop attacking her latest husbands wife on social media and at school functions. She screamed, while holding her baby and in front of her step daughter, at the mother of her current husbands child as well as EVERYONE (parents and children included) at a preschool Christmas pageant curse words. Her jealousy of her latest husbands ex is so extreme she has spent HOURS trying to sully the ex’s name. Yet all she has done is make herself look horrible and show her true colors.

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  1. You have violated the terms of the court paperwork. You must have liked phase 1 supervision. Also don’t forget there are things you really don’t want to get out so I’d suggest you remove this.

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