Cyan streicher the Racist narcissist thief

You know what’s worse than a narcissist? A narcissist disguised as an empath. Cyan streicher cakes on the perfect persona and some may actually be fooled not me. After her racist comments about her friends parents, calling people stupid, trash and stealing their wardrobe. It’s safe to say that perfect persona is all a lie. She’s gas lighted people closest to her just to feel better about herself and even lies about her life to make others like her. This post isn’t meant for hatred upon her but simply to express the truth behind what Ive experienced.

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  1. She hooked up with my boyfriend the year we began to officially start dating. He said they didn’t do anything but I don’t believe it

  2. Ghostly white garbage puta. Learn manners bitch and quit runnin that mouth. This girl needa be removed from society 4 real

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