Jaclynn Sealy Dirty white trash drug addict

Hannah here with the latest news on our little midget child Jaclynn Sealy that thinks she’s bad to the bone. Little do people know she’s been arrested twice for smuggling drugs and injects heroine before work.. I wouldn’t trust her to watch my kids let alone bring her around my husband since she’s known to be a walking STD. Poor jealous 4’0 girl… Guess she’s not as talented as she thinks she is………….. or is she?????? Im sure those drugs really help her become in tune with her “wild side” bye for nowwwww blaze…… Thats right, say my name. – xoxo

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  1. man this girl be so racist . Dis fake girl don’t care about black lives she only act like that to cover her white trash attitude

  2. Lol she gave my bf at the time a blow job in his car while we were still together. She’s a trashy remorseless whore

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